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Pair of Totem Candles:
Introducing our candle collection in an exclusive collaboration between two brands
creative ideas that celebrate the beauty and depth of nature: Neriage and Maria Nuvem.
This collection incorporates icons of longevity and movement represented in two
exclusive models:

The candles Totems , in turn, are an artistic expression of textures and shapes
found in Neriage clothes, they represent an extension of this dialogue with
raw material, illuminating the art behind fashion and the textures that define it.

Maria Nuvem, invited to bring these inspirations to life, embarked on a process
creative that began with detailed research into 3D silicone shapes and molds. That
meticulous process gave life to the candles in an artisanal and manual way, maintaining the
connection with raw materials and nature, as is characteristic of the brand: A reflection
direct from the attentive and sensitive eye, which seeks to capture the richness of diversity and

Each candle is a work of art that reflects the depth of this encounter and its
inspirations. A flame that illuminates not only space, but also meaning and meaning.
beauty of connection with the world around us. A tribute to resistance, renewal and
beauty of life, expressed through candles that capture the essence of nature and art.

We invite you to explore and celebrate this unique connection with Totem and Baobab Candles
available in Marsala and Pink.

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