Who we are

Neriage is a Japanese word that designates a ceramics technique in which mixing clays of different colors produces a marbled effect. Analogically, this term can be used in the construction of clothing: different fabrics combined in order to preserve their particular properties and characteristics, forming a harmonious and singular unit. This is the goal of Neriage: to explore texture, details, different materials and their possibilities. Therefore, we always say that our creation process is a dialogue with the fabric. Different hands and knowledge take part in this dialogue, which brings its own story to the clothes and makes it come alive.


Sustainability in the three pillars (environmental, economic and social) is our main concern at all stages of manufacturing. In addition to 100% tracked production and made in Brazil (from inputs to labor), with each collection we seek to increase the percentage of fabrics with ecological bases and from small producers.

The only type of fabric we use that is not made from natural fibers is crepe, which we use as a base for pleating. This is because only synthetic fabrics maintain the durability of the pleats – and durability is our key point. However, all fabric scraps from our productions are sent to the fabric bank (for reuse by other companies) and the smaller pieces are transformed into strips for pieces or are donated to associations that reuse scraps.

In the economic sphere, we only work with certified suppliers and closely monitor each stage of production. This care and appreciation of the human being behind the process, in addition to the sum of knowledge and opinions that make our pieces so special, are the main component of our costs. Every year we also develop social projects in partnership with associations and raise funds for various causes.

Some partnerships already developed:

  • co-creation of handmade buriti fiber hats, bags and wallets with the Akra Project, by Samuray Martins;
  • co-creation of tucum bags with AMARN (Association of Indigenous Women of Alto do Rio Negro);

  • co-creation of bags and hats with the indigenous WARAO refugees from Venezuela and sheltered by the International Humanitarian Fraternity in the shelters of Janokoida and Pintolândia (RR).

Our paths

"The task is not so much to see what no one has seen, but to think what no one has yet thought about what everyone sees." -Arthur Schopenhauer

Neriage was born as a brand in 2017, becoming an evolution of designer Rafaella Caniello's course completion project, presented at Faculdade Santa Marcelina (São Paulo- SP) in 2016 and winning first place in the graduation.

The project was called “Neriage: the essence of matter through clothes” and argued that everything has its own character and a time to be respected, the beauty hidden in beings, objects and processes. This work was based on the work “The world as will and representation”, by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

In May 2017, Neriage made its debut show at Casa de Criadores and also joined Vogue Brasil's team of new talents. In April 2019, the brand debuted at the 47th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week, becoming part of the official Brazilian fashion calendar.